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Tips for Exhibitors on Engaging with Attendees

First Impressions Are Everything!

Have a welcoming presence and make participants feel at ease when they visit your table. Be mindful of personal phone usage while at the event so participants will know you are truly available to connect with them.

Ensure your agency has enough staff throughout the event so you don’t have to leave your table unattended. If you need someone to fill-in for a short bit just ask a volunteer in a yellow apron. Or, if you know you will need help for a certain period of time, email your request to and a volunteer will be assigned to help you.

What's Your Icebreaker?

Some attendees may need just a little interest from you to encourage them to engage. Consider offering a give-a-way to create the opportunity for that initial connection. Even offering/handing out a piece of candy (not just leaving the bowl on the table) can offer a moment to engage and ask a more pertinent question. 

Think of a question to engage attendees as they are walking by.

  • Thank you for being here today, have you heard of agency/program...

  • Hello, did you know we offer help with…

  • I see you have a baby/toddler/child, do you know we…  

  • I see you are looking at our table/brochure/giveaway, would you like…

  • Thank you for stopping by today, can I help you with…

Consider a raffle at your table for those participants that wear swag with your organization’s info/message.

Be Prepared.

We expect around 350 attendees. While not every attendee stops at every table, consider the amount of materials you will need and what items would be helpful to have on hand such as: brochures, flyers, swag, give aways, etc.

Review the list of exhibitors so you can help refer attendees to other agencies at the event.

Review the Family Resource Guide before the event, is your listing up to date? Let attendees know they can always find you there in the future. To view the Family Resource Guide go to

Spread the word! Post on social media and at your office that your organization will be at Project Connect.

Don't Forget to Follow-Up!

Quickly complete any follow-up that is needed with participants. Waiting too long may dilute the connection you worked so hard for at the event.

Consider additional social media engagement after the event as a way to keep the momentum going!

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